Personal – Keyboards don’t like milk baths

So, in the action of defending my keyboard from an avalanche of toys (brought on by my daughter’s armful of them and insistance about putting them on my desk) I knocked a cup of milk onto my keyboard.

Nothing really happened at first except a big mess, the keyboard even drained through the holes for the flipping feet. Then about 3 hours later… of all things my space bar wouldn’t work.

I get my daughter to go to sleep and fall asleep myself. I come back and my computer’s in standby mode.

Cool, I think, less power used, etc.

Yeah, except I had to restart it to get it out of standby mode (it doesn’t like my video card, it’s a known bug).

A restart later and I can’t log in. Wait, what?

Yeah, see title. Keyboard not responding at all. I couldn’t even arrow into Windows.

So I find the keyboard my daughter’s been using to pretend she can type (she can, but badly, she got me banned from chat once when the computer didn’t go into lockdown mode when the screensaver kicked on)… except….

The stupid keyboard uses the PS/2 connection, and the metal C shaped piece that surrounds the pegs is bent in. Easily fixable, but still exasperating!

But, as you can see, it’s working now.

Looks like I get to clean my usual keyboard with some rubbing alcohol (disolves milk solids, etc, pours out like water, evaporates quicker AND slightly sanitizes).


Landlords can be royal pains

While I have a huge backlog of things to post on here, I figured I might as well put a personal (non-re-post) entry in here.

First off, my landlord is a skeeze. He’s lazy and thick as a frickin fog when he’s supposed to do something for me (fixing stuff, paying me for work, etc) but if it’s me that owes him… he calls 4 times a day and comes over at least twice a day.

The latest fiasco has boiled to the point I ask him for written notice of whatever he wants. He wants to take a look at something that’s not working? Written 24 hour notice, please. He wants to have an open house / show the place so he can sell it? Written 24 hour notice, please.

Not that making him write out a time that he’s going to be here… or even a SPAN of time he should be here means that he’ll actually be here.

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To do: Tagging of posts

I put in a whole slew of posts today, but I haven’t completely tagged them…

It’s on my to do list.

On a side note, my dyslexia’s kicking up like crazy – I’ve had to make 14 corrections while I typed just this short note.

Ok, here’s the plan…

I’ve figured out a few things since my first (?) post – if I want to have my other blogs in here and in order I’m going to have to put another step in there as wordpress doesn’t have a backdate feature like *shudder* livejournal.

So… you guessed it, I’m going to have to put my blog entries into Livejournal and then export them into here.

And I was really hoping to be done with the LJ thing…

Now… to find my LJ password.

The beginning of a new journal?

Ok… I’ve got the internet part of this done, and now I need to get a few other things set up:

  1. WordPress on my Ubuntu (Linux) computer.
  2. Explore to see if “submitted” dates can be altered so I can put my archives on here.
  3. Back up all of my other blogs (360, livejournal, site)
  4. See if I can slap them in here