Wi-fi USB in Ubuntu

Three times I’ve run into the same issue with getting someone’s wireless USB fob to work, and each time I’m pretty sure it’s the same thing.

No, not the drivers, or any wrappers needed, not the obvious stuff.

It’s the /etc/network/interfaces settings.

Every fricking time!

Here’s how it tends to go:

I look up what’s needed (in this case it’s a Dlink-g122 version A2), install everything and the computer plays clueless.

lsusb says the USB wireless fob is there, everywhere else plays dumb.

I go into ndisgtk and it says the drivers are fine but the hardware isn’t present.
(Sidenote: I just dump all three driver files into a folder – the .bin, the .sys and the .inf; it refuses to work with just the .inf)

Round and round I go, until I found my old thread about this THREE YEARS AGO and I finally see the problem.

No setting for wlan0 in the /etc/network/interfaces … yes, it’s that STUPIDLY simple.

Here’s the ideal /etc/network/interfaces:
# beginning
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

auto eth1
iface eth1 inet dhcp

auto eth2
iface eth2 inet dhcp

auto ath0
iface ath0 inet dhcp

auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet dhcp

# end

See how the bit after the auto matches the bit after the iface? Yeah…. I had the latter without the 0.
Or nothing about wlan0 at all.

Stupid ‘Manda.


Moving – a comparison

Yep, I’m moving, and I’m looking forward to it. Here’s why:

Old Place:

  1. Landlord who’s lazy as hell with the ethics and greed worst than a Ferengi
  2. Mom who has no job and complains bitterly about anything she’s expected to do as trade
  3. Noisy neighbours who occationally shake the walls with their fighting
  4. Nosy neighbour across the street who does nothing but gossip and snoop
  5. Rats and mice
  6.  Leaking eavestroughs
  7. No heat control and having to have 3 space heaters to keep the place warm
  8. Fire trap – no exits except by breaking windows in the living room and bedroom
  9. No lights in the kitchen – they haven’t worked for months
  10. Cold
  11. Dark
  12. Depressing
  13. Insecure – no alarm and the door’s a joke
  14. Utilities are extra (110 -130 a month)
  15. No cable

New Place:

  1. Landlords are nice, friendly and easygoing
  2. No mom
  3. The only neighbours I have are the landlords
  4. Across the street there are only trees and blackberries
  5. No vermin
  6. House is new and in excellent condition
  7. Heat is radiant flooring
  8. Bedroom has a big window and so does the living room
  9. Lights are included and work well
  10. Warm
  11. Well lit
  12. Happy – it used to be a daycare and Erin was running around like crazy
  13. Alarm and secure door
  14. Utilities are included
  15. Cable’s included – digital cable, even. All the channels!

MSNBC Re-writes History



MSNBC has put together a slide-show offering a brief history of Iran. Mossadeq.jpg
They’ve managed to go back further than 1979 – impressive for a mainstream outlet, whose memories usually begin with the Islamic revolution.

But, amazingly, they’ve contrived to ignore Mohammed Mossadeq, the democratically elected prime minister of Iran who in 1953 was overthrown in a UK/CIA-backed coup, which installed the brutal and corrupt Shah in his place. The overthrow of Mossadeq is probably, together with the 1979 Islamic revolution, the seminal moment in the history of 20th century Iran, and MSNBC has just wiped it out for political convenience. Mossadeq had dared to nationalise the Iranian oil industry at the expense of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (now British Petroleum), and such defiance could obviously not be tolerated by the masters of the world.

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Reality check

Hmm… seems like I need to disallusion a few people of an idea…

Sorry guys, but here’s reality smacking you in the face:

Shane and I weren’t together for one solid chunk of time… it was off and on.

Off when he realized he didn’t care as much as he “should”.
On when he realized that he cared about me.
Off and on, off and on, off and on and off and on.

No, I didn’t spread the word every time we broke up, I’m a private person in some ways.

We just stuck with the first time we got together as the starting point and anniversary because it was easiest to remember.


*sighs* How to begin this…

“Why have flashbacks and nightmares when you can have it in reality”

“My intuition told me that I was making a loaded choice, didn’t think it would be like THAT”

“Working through my past and I see it in the flesh 15 feet away”

Hmm… anyways, I’ll do the detached version…

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Squirrels and flashbacks

Don’t you hate it when there’s something bouncing around in the back of your head but you can’t seem to quite capture and understand it… then it hits you out of the blue… and you feel like a complete idiot for not seeing it before?

I kept wondering why, after all this time, I felt the need to prove myself… to prove someone else’s nasty insinuations were wrong. Then I realized it was something I’d gone through before.

The previous post gives a basic rundown of what happened when I was 15, but until I started getting flashbacks again… I’d forgotten some of the emotional twisting he used to do.

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