KOL GM Scripts – My picks from OneTonTomato’s huge list

These are the OneTonTomato scripts I can see myself using, ymmv.

Please note that some, but not all, are on the wiki so there may be duplicates to my previous post.


KOL GM – My picks from the KOL wiki

Louvre It Script – Keeps track and automates the louvre it puzzle

Fortune Cookie Script – which will help get semi-rares.

Pulverize Groups – sort smashables by what / how much they give.

Recipes – but it’s out of date. See previous post for an up-to-date version.

Strange Leaflet Spoiler

Mr. Script – The ultimate script

HP Colors – I can use this with my new version of my skin as it (should) let all the shades through.

Inline Descriptions – because I hate having to resize and close windows. Yes, I’m THAT lazy.

Meat Transaction Helper – helps us visual people figure out how much meat we’re dealing with (9000000 looks a lot better as 9,000,000)

Previous Adventures – because sometimes I like to REALLY backtrack.

Pulverize-Malus – somewhat unneeded because of the extra links in the top supplied by Mr. Script, but still nice to have.

Chat Functions – nothing like nickname autocomplete, eh?

Bargain Hunter – great to check that the deal is actually a deal.

Mall Helper – Because manually buying 15 things from 12 stores takes too bloody much time! NOTE: if it says it applies to every page (*), cancel and right-click on it, choose “view user script source” and then use the button at the top.

Manage Prices – great way to find the non-100-meat price.

Auto Choice – Because clicking on “Ignore the wheel” 4 times in a row really messes up my autoadventuring.

d0om’s Combat UI enhancer Gold – the previously mentioned autoadventuring.

Bang Potion Minder – very needed now due to the changes in the lair gates.

Pricegun – because a few of my friends use it and I need to add it to my KOL – Blue w Gradient – GM Tweaks style (make it blend in with the skin)

Auto Login – less typing, more playing. It gives a button to click that logs you in.

KOL GM – My picks from the forums and userscripts.org

Greasemonkey scripts on userscripts.org for KOL (some are on the wiki):
JHunz’s KOL Mall Price Sorter

JHunz’s KOL Mall search separator

JHunz’s KOL Max Price Mall Trimmer

KoL Easy Select – But I edit it so it only applies to Hangk’s as it’s the only place I can’t seem to find what I’m looking for.

AmandaKerik’s Menu for Kmail Areas (KOL) – Is it shocking that I use my own scripts?

KOL – Chat – Label Mods (20-12-2007) – I don’t use the Greasemonkey version, I use the Stylish version, but feel free to use this one.

AmandaKerik’s Colour and Label HP / MP Restorer… – another one I prefer the Stylish version over the Greasemonkey version. Note to Self: Get a shorter name for this one.

Tard’s KoL Scripts – Choice Adventure Rewards – Nice to see this one updated! I just wish she had updated the metadata so it doesn’t look at Tard’s site.

d0om Combat UI enhancer with counter based on y… – Easy way to burn turns, especially for BHH’s miniquests.

Naltrexone’s KoL Scripts – Bang Potion Minder – One less thing for me to keep track of.

Tard’s KoL Scripts – Strange Leaflet – Still works, I wonder when TPTB will add to the leaflet?

KoL Mall price highlighter – An oldie but a goodie, I’m glad I found this one!

AmandaKerik’s To Do List with Disappearing Links – I’m actually sitting on a more up-to-date version of this, I should release it, eh?

Actually, I just realized how many scripts I’m sitting on right now… menus for areas like creation areas (food, booze, items, weapons, armour, etc), as well as for map areas (I find myself very annoyed when I go into the wrong side of the tracks and what I’m looking for is on the right side… put in the tracks and make them clickable, dangit!)

Ok, those are the easily found ones on UserScripts.org, let me do a little more looking in non-wiki areas.

Ok, in the forums there’s a big thread about Greasemonkey scripts for KOL:

Unfortunately, the guy that started it didn’t keep up with it for very long, so the new / updated scripts are sprinkled throughout it.

http://kol.cmeister2.co.uk/scripts/dcstuffies.user.js – This is what started my niche of making scripts that dump sets of… stuff… into your Display Case. Or out of it, heh.

http://kol.cmeister2.co.uk/scripts/itemquantity.user.js – After a battle you can click on an item to have it find out how many you have total.

http://kol.cmeister2.co.uk/scripts/t…pesCM2.user.js – Ahh, recipes.

Auto-DC Klaw Machine Items (KOL) – There’s one that tosses in Hilarious items, but I rarely have them.

That’s it for the forum thread, the ones that AREN’T on the wiki, that is.

I’ve been busy…

My slight obsession with KOL has progressed to the point that I’m now writing Greasemonkey scripts for it. Well… more of editing an existing one to add functionality.
But then again, why reinvent the wheel?


The KOL forums are a big help in some ways, but I usually make a habit of using Google to search for answers first.

KOL Contest lock-down

I posted the general rules for a contest and 5 minutes later it’s locked. I get a PM saying I have to PM the prize to Voivod, and then he’ll unlock my post.

I do, and not only is it unlocked, but he’s removed all traces of the minor hassle he gave me.

To those who don’t play KOL:
“Clovers” are worth about 4.5k “meat” each. Lets assume 4k. 4k * 300 = 1.2 million.

I was going to throw in something really cool and have a second and third place as a surprise, but this … mistrust … has thrown my sweet mood off.

Here, you be the judge:

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Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2007 7:08 am
Post subject: Greasemonkey code contest

Ok, this is my first contest, but here goes:

For the people who write Greasemonkey scripts, this is a contest for you.

To enter, post your auto-update code in this thread, using the tags to enclose it.

The shortest / simplest code that works and has no errors will win... something.

The prize has yet to be determined, but will be worth at least a million meat. The contest ends in a week's time (May 5th, 2007)

Thank you... and clean coding!


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Posted: Sat Apr 28, 2007 7:13 am
Post subject: Re: Greasemonkey code contest

amandakerik wrote:
The prize has yet to be determined, but will be worth at least a million meat.

PM me when you've determined the prize and we'll unlock this.

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KOL MySQL Connection Error

I was playing KOL today and it stopped responding (I was in chat and it wouldn’t accept / clear my entry). Eventually I got a response:

Could not connect to database server 2:2013 – Lost connection to MySQL server during query

I had seen someone else quote this error about an hour before in chat. I hope this isn’t a sign that KOL’s dying under the stress of everyone playing!