Earthtainer – use it to compost too!

I’ve had a niggling thought in the back of my mind for a while, and it finally came into the light recently.

It seems a bit of a waste of space to have both the Earthtainer and a compost pile. Don’t get me wrong, having a separate compost pile is great if you’ve got a lot of waste, or even a lawn to mow, but what about those that lead smaller-scale lives? The people who live simply and don’t create a lot of waste over time.

My thought: Collect ingredients for the compost, but put them in the dirt section of the Earthtainer! If you grab a few worms while out for walks on rainy days, you’re set!

This is also ideal for tomatoes – when you plant them you’re better off half burying them a few weeks later (they put out more roots from the buried stem), and when veggie waste breaks down it shrinks.

Here’s the how-to:

Create the Earthtainer’s bench (the platform that has the wicking basket in the middle and holds the earth out of the water) like normal and put in the landscaping fabric like normal (keeps the dirt out of the water). Then put a big mound of dirt over the wicking area and surround it on all sides with compostable material. Repeat until the Earthtainer is 1/2 to 2/3 full, then top it off with a layer of dirt and toss in some worms.

The core in the middle will wick the water like normal, the worms will go into the scrap veggies and gorge – creating compost (vermicompost, technically).


KOL GM Scripts – My picks from OneTonTomato’s huge list

These are the OneTonTomato scripts I can see myself using, ymmv.

Please note that some, but not all, are on the wiki so there may be duplicates to my previous post.

Repost – run greasemonkey scripts in all browsers

run greasemonkey scripts in all browsers

* Greasemonkey, an extension for Firefox. Make sure to restart the browser before trying to add the script.
* Trixie, one of the best Greasemonkey-like plug-ins for Internet Explorer
* SIMBL and GreaseKit for Safari
* no additional software for Opera, but you need to enable the feature from Opera’s interface
* Konqueror Userscript for Konqueror
I mentioned my doubts on Greasemonkey scripts working in all these browsers as GM scripts use GM-only commands. The Trixie looks promising (but don’t say I said that)

KOL GM – My picks from the KOL wiki

Louvre It Script – Keeps track and automates the louvre it puzzle

Fortune Cookie Script – which will help get semi-rares.

Pulverize Groups – sort smashables by what / how much they give.

Recipes – but it’s out of date. See previous post for an up-to-date version.

Strange Leaflet Spoiler

Mr. Script – The ultimate script

HP Colors – I can use this with my new version of my skin as it (should) let all the shades through.

Inline Descriptions – because I hate having to resize and close windows. Yes, I’m THAT lazy.

Meat Transaction Helper – helps us visual people figure out how much meat we’re dealing with (9000000 looks a lot better as 9,000,000)

Previous Adventures – because sometimes I like to REALLY backtrack.

Pulverize-Malus – somewhat unneeded because of the extra links in the top supplied by Mr. Script, but still nice to have.

Chat Functions – nothing like nickname autocomplete, eh?

Bargain Hunter – great to check that the deal is actually a deal.

Mall Helper – Because manually buying 15 things from 12 stores takes too bloody much time! NOTE: if it says it applies to every page (*), cancel and right-click on it, choose “view user script source” and then use the button at the top.

Manage Prices – great way to find the non-100-meat price.

Auto Choice – Because clicking on “Ignore the wheel” 4 times in a row really messes up my autoadventuring.

d0om’s Combat UI enhancer Gold – the previously mentioned autoadventuring.

Bang Potion Minder – very needed now due to the changes in the lair gates.

Pricegun – because a few of my friends use it and I need to add it to my KOL – Blue w Gradient – GM Tweaks style (make it blend in with the skin)

Auto Login – less typing, more playing. It gives a button to click that logs you in.

Google turns the page… in a bad way.

I was actually a bit disturbed when I read the whole article (which is long)… here’s the short version:

“Google and Dell have teamed up to install some software on Dell computers that borders on being spyware. I say spyware because it’s hard to figure out what it is and is even harder to remove.”

“The screenshot below shows what the Dell-branded Google search results page looks like when you make a typo in your address bar. You can’t even see the search results in the picture (800×600 resolution) because the entire top of the page and right side are plastered with ads.

This page isn’t being shown to Dell owners just because they have the Google Toolbar. In fact, uninstalling the Google Toolbar won’t get rid of it. Dell and Google are now installing a second program on computers that intercepts all sorts of queries (requests / questions) that the browser would normally try to resolve (answer). This program has no clear name and is very hard to uninstall. In some circles, people would call this spyware.”

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A Mac User’s View of Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn)

After my less-than-thrilling experience with Windows Vista I decided to take the plunge and download the latest release of Ubuntu with the intent to see just how far Linux has come in the last year or so. Last time I used Linux was for a server setup which worked very well but I was not all that impressed with the desktop implementation back then, which was about a year ago. Since then Ubuntu has emerged as a major force on the Linux desktop front with several solid releases that have much of the internet buzzing about how Linux might be finally ready to give the folks in Redmond a run for their money. So what does a die hard Mac fanboy have to say about the latest release of Ubuntu (Ubuntu 7.04) Feisty Fawn? Quite a bit actually… Read the rest of this entry »

VCR’s can detect commercials? Mine can!

Ok, so I found a VCR a while back on one of my late night walks (under an IKEA rug, which I also took). I had been putting off setting it up in case it was a dud or worse – it was a tape chewer.

I got around to setting it up a couple days ago and found that while it didn’t have a remote, it could detect a lot of stuff automatically (cable / antenna, channels, etc) and the things it needed help with could be entered in a hidden section of buttons (arrows, the colour coded holes for stereo cables, etc.) in the front.

I’ve been planning on using the VCR to record my daughter’s favourite show – Poko. Despite it’s popularity with my spawn (a fond nickname), there’s absolutely nothing out there merchandise-wise. No books, no videos, no dolls, no stickers, no nadda.

Oh, pardon me, there are videos and books, but they’re all in Australia. Apparently Poko’s bigger in Oz than in Canuckland.

So anyways, I decided to try the recording about 3 this morning. It recorded fast and easy… but when I told it to stop I got a menu that popped up – “I haven’t marked the commercials yet. Do you want me to? Skip it? Marking will start automatically in 15 seconds” kind of thing.

Now… I understand the more advanced Tivo-like DVD recorders have this option, but I didn’t know that VCR’s could do it too!

So I tried it out, and it took about 2 minutes for about an hour’s recorded time. It cut out the commercials, but it also grabbed a couple intro scenes. Nothing major, though.

I’m quite impressed!

Now… if I could just get it to do it on the fly… There are a couple commercials that set my teeth on edge (mom calling her daughter a tramp, daughter calling her mom fat, disgusting, etc), but that’s a different post.