VCR’s can detect commercials? Mine can!

Ok, so I found a VCR a while back on one of my late night walks (under an IKEA rug, which I also took). I had been putting off setting it up in case it was a dud or worse – it was a tape chewer.

I got around to setting it up a couple days ago and found that while it didn’t have a remote, it could detect a lot of stuff automatically (cable / antenna, channels, etc) and the things it needed help with could be entered in a hidden section of buttons (arrows, the colour coded holes for stereo cables, etc.) in the front.

I’ve been planning on using the VCR to record my daughter’s favourite show – Poko. Despite it’s popularity with my spawn (a fond nickname), there’s absolutely nothing out there merchandise-wise. No books, no videos, no dolls, no stickers, no nadda.

Oh, pardon me, there are videos and books, but they’re all in Australia. Apparently Poko’s bigger in Oz than in Canuckland.

So anyways, I decided to try the recording about 3 this morning. It recorded fast and easy… but when I told it to stop I got a menu that popped up – “I haven’t marked the commercials yet. Do you want me to? Skip it? Marking will start automatically in 15 seconds” kind of thing.

Now… I understand the more advanced Tivo-like DVD recorders have this option, but I didn’t know that VCR’s could do it too!

So I tried it out, and it took about 2 minutes for about an hour’s recorded time. It cut out the commercials, but it also grabbed a couple intro scenes. Nothing major, though.

I’m quite impressed!

Now… if I could just get it to do it on the fly… There are a couple commercials that set my teeth on edge (mom calling her daughter a tramp, daughter calling her mom fat, disgusting, etc), but that’s a different post.


Who knew Linux was a girl?

I almost woke up my little one watching these I was giggling so hard!


I can spell, really!