Superstore: Tossing wilted flowers because watering is hard.

So I was shopping at Superstore, checking out the flowers, when one of the workers there was pulling all the wilted ones off and putting them in trays.

I figured he was going to go water them and put them back. A few minute’s work for a little profit and less turnover, right.


His job was to find the wilting flowers and to throw them out. Yeah, you read that right.

I made the obvious request – can I grab a few?


I’d suggest someone needs to talk to the manager over this (I will soon), but knowing corporations as I do… looks like their dumpsters need to be explored.

In the meantime, I’m nauseous thinking about the pure level of mindless WASTE.


One Response to “Superstore: Tossing wilted flowers because watering is hard.”

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