Ubuntu Computer from FreeGeek

So… my mom bought a computer from Free Geek (Vancouver) and asked me along. It’s been a while since I’ve seen my mom that anxious; she almost convinced me to get off on the wrong stop (which would have been QUITE a walk) and was generally fretting and fussing the whole trip.

I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoyed the adventure. As I get older (I just turned 29 recently) I find I’m getting less and less judgemental about neighbourhoods and people yet becoming more firm in my boundaries.

Anyways, back to the computer. I convinced my mom that she really didn’t NEED to dualboot with XP for at least the next month, and to just use it as is. She’s no stranger to Ubuntu, so I doubt there will be much of a transition period.

The only issues she’s run into were preset settings on the computer – the resolution made her monitor look odd, and the keyboard was set to an odd layout.

I figured out both of these issues for her over the phone – the resolution was just a case of adjusting the monitor so she could see the menus at the top (vertical position) and then setting the resolution to her usual 1024 by whatever.

The keyboard layout was amusing – she had it set to Canada layout, which apparently means French Canadian. She HAD to change it because, apparently, there is no @ symbol in that layout. A simple change to Generic brand and USA layout fixed it easily.

Convincing her to go with the USA identity (even though it was just a keyboard layout) was the hardest part. Our family are old Empire Loyalist stock – we tend to have a knee-jerk reaction to being identified as American.

All the small drama aside, I’m sure she’s enjoying her computer.

Oh, and yes, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. To see what I’ve been up to, check out my amandakerik.stumbleupon.com


3 Responses to “Ubuntu Computer from FreeGeek”

  1. Voli Dublino Says:

    Vеll, nоt perfeсt рost, but I liked it and that is thе mаin thing. 😉
    I am Voli Dublino

    It’s a good thing I don’t post hoping for universal approval, then, eh?
    BTW: Unless someone’s a member of your forum, we can’t follow your link 😉

  2. Spammer Says:

    Niсе blоg! It’s а pitу thаt there’s not a lоt of cоmmеnts.

    Nice comment! It’s a pity that there was so much spam in it. Fixed it for you 🙂

  3. Spammer Says:

    Seems good to me.

    Consider this paring away the bruised parts of the apple to keep the good.
    I removed all spam related parts 🙂

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