Tubemogul – a flash tracker

I value my privacy quite a bit, so when I figured out how to make Flash ask me for permission to store info, I was quite pleased.

Except today… Today I’m rather annoyed. I was over at Second Life’s site trying to watch tutorials and there were 3, yes three sites asking to store info in Flash. (the video hosting site) and

The last two are trackers – they keep track of who watches what, what the person tends to watch over time, and other stats.

The problem? I had to click [Deny] to their request 3 – 5 times in a row and it was reasking me every 30 seconds.

OY! I’m trying to watch a video here, not engage in a battle of wills. Gah!

The part that annoys me the most? I can’t tell it to never ask again, like I could when asked.

It’s not an option.

So I edited my hosts file.

No change in how it behaved (it still tries to annoy me into saying yes).

I went to the site so I could get the option to deny. Yeah, the site’s blocked editing the settings (data storage, access to mics / webcams).

So I guess the question is… how the fuck do I block this when editing my HOSTS file didn’t work!?

My computer, my connection, my choice.


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