Linux Link “Operation Not Permitted”?

I ran into an interesting snag today: one of my favourite games (Widelands) is installed on my second hard drive but has a save game folder in my home folder.
I didn’t like this (my home folder’s big enough as it is) so I tried to create a folder in Widelands’ folder and then make a (sym)link to it from my home folder.

Operation not Permitted.

No explanation why (that needs to be changed), but a quick Google search found the problem:

My Widelands install (and therefore the temp directory I was going to use for the saved games) is on a FAT formatted drive.

FAT (in whatever incarnation you have – NTFS, FAT32, whatever) doesn’t do (sym)links.

So… short of making the partition the game was on a different format (and wiping it in the meantime)… I moved my Widelands install to my ext3 partition.

Linked and off we go! Easy, once you know the problem.


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