Disable Slow Keys in Ubuntu

For whatever reason (long story involving a keyboard not working right) I had assistive technologies installed on my machine – you know, the ones that help the physically / mentally challenged use a computer?

Well, one of them was hindering my ability to play one of my games. Dangerous territory there, don’t get in the way of my games. Anyway… the pain in my arse is called Slow Keys.
(Edited the above to make it clearer)

If I held down the shift key for more than 8 seconds, it would ask me if I would like to enable Slow Keys.

Unfortunately, this dialog box makes anything you type not work / appear until it’s dealt with.

Annoying? Oh yes, and even more so as it tended to pop up UNDER the main window, so half the time I thought I was lagging / having technical issues.

The solution? To go into the settings for the assistive technologies:
System > Preferences > Keyboard > /Accessability/ > [ ] Accessability Features can be Toggled with Keyboard Shortcuts

I tried Googling it, nothing came close, so here it is.

Update – As Kevin pointed out in the comments, they’ve moved it in an update:
Kevin Says:

In Ubuntu 11.10 the procedure has changed to:
System Settings> > Universal Access > Typing > Toggle Slow Keys”

Thanks Kevin!

And hello linuxquestion.org users ^_^


6 Responses to “Disable Slow Keys in Ubuntu”

  1. Peter Shannon Says:

    oh yeah that was annoying the hell out of me too….

  2. Teddy Says:

    Thanks Amanda, this actually just helped me. Thought my keyboard had burnt (AGAIN) ..

  3. akarsh Says:

    Thanks a ton!!! u saved my day.. uff!!

  4. Leatherworking Reverend Says:

    Thanks, that was really useful. Marital harmony restored. đŸ™‚

  5. Keyboard(s) suddenly stopped working - Fedora 15 Says:

    […] Thanks for the update. I never heard of "slow keys" before. I gather it's a accessibility feature of some sort: https://amandakerik.wordpress.com/200…eys-in-ubuntu/ […]

  6. Kevin Says:

    In Ubuntu 11.10 the procedure has changed to:
    System Settings> > Universal Access > Typing > Toggle Slow Keys

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