Opinion: Marriage – Straight, Gay or Otherwise

I’m horrified at seeing a majority deciding to roll back rights for a minority, but I also wonder about the underlying process of marriage itself.

There’s one other ceremony that comes to mind that has similar characteristics: baptism.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but in the past, wasn’t baptism when people officially named their child?

Why don’t we split marriage the same way baptism has been split:


  • Ceremony in a church
  • Naming of a child
  • Celebration
  • Religious ritual


  • Ceremony in a church
  • Changing legal status (single / common-law to married)
  • Celebration
  • Religious ritual

In short: make all marriages into two distinct parts:

  • Civil / legal process (birth certificate / civil union forms)
  • Celebration (church / etc)

Because the separation of church and state is a very important one and the church is fighting very hard to reunite.