Disney and Linux equal frustration

So I splurged and bought a couple DVDs today, Monsters, Inc. and Sleeping Beauty.

Monsters, Inc. took a bit of cajoling, but it played until an hour and 20 minutes in (near the end, just as they’re saying goodbye). Then it just… stopped.

From this point on with me tinkering it would sometimes play the beginning, and sometimes wouldn’t, but I couldn’t skip to the end to finish it.

Ok, take the DVD out and put it back in, try again, right? Wrong.

It then complained it couldn’t mount it because there was a COMMA in the name. (No clue why this wasn’t an issue the first time)

That’s right, “Monsters, Inc.” being the disk’s title stopped it from working. I’m still a bit fuzzy on the “mount this DVD in this drive under a new name” thing, so I give up and try to watch Sleeping Beauty.

Ha. Hahhahahaha…. Hahahahahahahahahaaaa. No.

The name ends with an exclamation mark (!) and won’t play. I managed to cajole it once with VLC, and the picture looked like CRAP. DIGITAL CRAP.

No, this isn’t a Linux issue, this is a movie-company-is-stupid issue. Who puts punctuation in the disk’s title? Huh? It’s like sending someone a file called “happy times! :)) :)).txt” and wondering why the FUCK it won’t work!!

And the music / movie / gaming companies are wondering why people rip / download / reburn their product.


Whatever happened to selling something that’s excellent, and that the ripped / cracked versions can only be inferior to the original?


One Response to “Disney and Linux equal frustration”

  1. ninemoonjupe Says:

    This may be something most people just don’t even think about until they buy a movie to watch and end up with the same problem.
    Phooey, this whole paranoia has gone way out on a limb here, and may end up with sales lost because of the frustrations.

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