Personal – Bought XP and a DVR

Yeah, so I bought a copy of XP and a DVR for my computer about a week ago.

I, personally, don’t use XP 99% of the time (I favour Ubuntu, and it seems to like me much more as well). But with MS doing the stupid push towards Vista by pulling XP… I figured I’d pick up a copy. My recovery partition can’t last forever after all, and I’d actually like to start from scratch once in my life.

The DVR (DVD recorder aka DVD-RW burner) is something that’s been long overdue as my CD burner keeled over a few years ago and the LG DVR I bought about a year ago needs proprietary drivers.
I tried to get it to work by tinkering with stuff, even updating the firmware. *shakes head* No luck.

I’m hoping I’ll have more luck with the Pioneer one I got.