Moving – a comparison

Yep, I’m moving, and I’m looking forward to it. Here’s why:

Old Place:

  1. Landlord who’s lazy as hell with the ethics and greed worst than a Ferengi
  2. Mom who has no job and complains bitterly about anything she’s expected to do as trade
  3. Noisy neighbours who occationally shake the walls with their fighting
  4. Nosy neighbour across the street who does nothing but gossip and snoop
  5. Rats and mice
  6.  Leaking eavestroughs
  7. No heat control and having to have 3 space heaters to keep the place warm
  8. Fire trap – no exits except by breaking windows in the living room and bedroom
  9. No lights in the kitchen – they haven’t worked for months
  10. Cold
  11. Dark
  12. Depressing
  13. Insecure – no alarm and the door’s a joke
  14. Utilities are extra (110 -130 a month)
  15. No cable

New Place:

  1. Landlords are nice, friendly and easygoing
  2. No mom
  3. The only neighbours I have are the landlords
  4. Across the street there are only trees and blackberries
  5. No vermin
  6. House is new and in excellent condition
  7. Heat is radiant flooring
  8. Bedroom has a big window and so does the living room
  9. Lights are included and work well
  10. Warm
  11. Well lit
  12. Happy – it used to be a daycare and Erin was running around like crazy
  13. Alarm and secure door
  14. Utilities are included
  15. Cable’s included – digital cable, even. All the channels!