How To: Move Wine

Ok, I don’t know about you, but I find when I use wine to play games, they play much better if they’re in the same directory as wine… but… the games can take a lot of room.

The solution? Move wine and the games to another hard drive / partition.

Here’s how to:

You’ll need wine installed normally, and you’ll need to have the new partition mounted.

Make sure the partition is writeable as well as readable (easy way: start nautilus under superuser mode and right-click on the directory and change it’s properties).

Go into your home directory and make all files visible

Find and *cut* .wine

Go into your home directory and make all files visible, then paste .wine

Right-click on the wine directory (in it’s new home) and choose “Make Link”Cut and paste the link (it looks like a folder, but has an arrow in it’s icon) into your home directory, then rename it “.wine”

That should be it – test that it’s all working fine by double-clicking a random setup.exe (cancel it after it show it works)

I highly recommend you do this *before* you install any games.