I is teh evil (as they say)

This is mostly just a random post, but I must say I’m quite pleased to know that my paycheck’s now being put into my private bank account instead of the joint one I have with my petty thieving roommate.

Here’s how it used to go:

She’d pull out 200 from the account to “help” me get the money together for the rent, and would buy various grocery things we needed with half of it… to cover a 15 buck (more or less) buying of smokes on the sly.

I’m very allergic to smokes, which she refuses to believe… she says it’s something I believe and therefore talk myself into reacting to it. The allergist I went to a few years ago would disagree… 1/20th of a puff of smoke knocked me on my ass. My arm went blotchy and numb and I had to lie down for 10 minutes.

So… you can see why I’m happy! I should have done this months ago.

She’ll freak when she finds out, she doesn’t even know I have my own bank account… *grins* She has no source of income… at all. And she refuses to look for one.

Perhaps this will motivate her?


Bench that turns into a picnic table

I’ve been accumulating a long list of stuff to share in my bookmarks, but this is so cool it couldn’t wait:


In short: It’s a wooden bench that transforms into a picnic table.

My jaw literally dropped while watching the video – I highly recommend it!