Landlords can be royal pains

While I have a huge backlog of things to post on here, I figured I might as well put a personal (non-re-post) entry in here.

First off, my landlord is a skeeze. He’s lazy and thick as a frickin fog when he’s supposed to do something for me (fixing stuff, paying me for work, etc) but if it’s me that owes him… he calls 4 times a day and comes over at least twice a day.

The latest fiasco has boiled to the point I ask him for written notice of whatever he wants. He wants to take a look at something that’s not working? Written 24 hour notice, please. He wants to have an open house / show the place so he can sell it? Written 24 hour notice, please.

Not that making him write out a time that he’s going to be here… or even a SPAN of time he should be here means that he’ll actually be here.

Like yesterday – he gave me written notice to see the place and take a look at the light between 4 and 6 pm. He didn’t show up, no phone calls, nadda.

The most annoying part is that he sees absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Another recent one was when he called at nearly 9:30 at night two days before the rent was due… no doubt to “remind” me and to “ask” that I have it ready the next day. No… I pay my rent on the first of the month. He’s “asked” me to give him the rent early at LEAST 5 times.

This time he HAD to pick up the rent – he moved and didn’t tell me where, so I couldn’t have dropped it off anyways. He also REFUSED to tell me where he was living until AFTER he had the rent money (cash) in his hand.

I’ve known him for 2 years and this is the THIRD address he’s given me. The one on my rental agreement is different than the one on the rental increase, and this one is different again.

Oh yeah, and remember how he didn’t show up during the two hour window to take a look at the light? He lives (I kid you not) a block away. He could have crawled, nay, shuffled on his ass the whole way and would have made it in plenty of time.

I’ve noticed that he’s moved right at tax time – which tells me he’s evading something. I might get my shit disturbing boots on and write a few letters to the gov’t – especially the part that deals with tax evaders. My hunch is that he’s claiming his son is living here and has been for a while (it lessens / nullifies the property taxes if there’s a family member living there).

Anyways, yeah… stupid little dramas. I’d start something like “” but that would be a huge libel and defamation bulls-eye.


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