Yahoo oddness – reloading login page every second with no obvious answer.

Today Yahoo was acting oddly – on the “Sign in to Yahoo!” page it was reloading every second. The actual or the pages were fine.

I saved the page and took a look… Yahoo uses a tonne of Javascripts! But I didn’t really see anything that would do that – the meta-refresh was fine at 600.

I then saw that Adblock Plus was turned off for some reason – I turned it back on and tried again. No change.

I recently changed some settings in CookieSafe and now chose to let Yahoo’s pages set cookies.

No change.

I was running out of ideas… except there’s this flash file (.swf) in the middle of the page and it doesn’t actually show anything. I’m sure it’s for storing data.

Blocked it with Adblock Plus… and now Yahoo’s behaving like normal.



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