The United States – A People Losing its Identity


The United States of America is no longer united. It’s being divided by its own devices and it’s unknowingly dividing and infecting the rest of the world.

Capitalism, the nature of the system, the nervous system of the U.S., is working to perfection. The American Dream is turning into a nightmare. While millions of people go without the white fence, many millions more aren’t satisfied with just a white fence. More, more, more…that’s the name of the game. Your success and identity is defined by not only what you own, but how much.

“The Business” dictates and is successfully segmenting and dividing people in order to market their brands and identity. The more they can segment and divide the people, the more opportunity they have to make money…selling to four individuals is certainly much more profitable than selling to one family. Four iPods will make Apple more money than one.

One of your biggest and most inherent needs is physical human contact and compassion. One business sells you products that divide and minimalize physical human interaction, while another tries to sell you exactly that.

They are transforming us into the Me Generation, the iGeneration, whatever you want to call it…you’re being segmented, bought, sold, and toyed with. You are losing your identity and it’s only becoming harder to find. As a generally compassionate and caring species, we are sacrificing ourselves for our distractions. Shiny colored balls are all around us and we’re constantly chasing after them.

If you were in an intimate relationship with The Businesses, you would be screaming rape. And rightfully so, because you are being fucked and don’t even know it.

Millions of businesses are aiming at you and firing with everything they have, and the people are too busy dodging bullets to fire back. Everywhere you go, you’re cornered and bombarded with advertisements that are designed to pull at the heartstrings of your innermost desires, your fears, and your insecurities. And once they’ve got you in their grasp, even within reach, they can use and manipulate you to the point where they are replacing your desires with their own.

You’re too fat, too thin, unhealthy, lonely, depressed, insecure…There’s always something wrong with you. You need this, this, this, this, and that to help make you better. People you don’t even know are telling you what you should be. They’re buying your identity and then selling it right back to you.

You ever wonder what the meaning of life is? The meaning of life is really pretty simple. It’s what YOU want it to be. And it’s being confident and honest in your decisions and assessment of yourself. While everyone is trying to give you their version of what life is or should be and what they think you need, you’ve got to be increasingly more aware of their motive, their message, and most importantly, you need to be increasingly more aware of yourself and how these things affect you.


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