Orphaned fox cub adopted by dog

Todd and Molly

Molly has taken to looking after Tod at her home

A fox cub taken in by a rescue centre after being found beneath the body of his dead mother has got a new surrogate parent – a three-year-old mongrel dog. Twelve-week-old Tod – named after the cub who befriends a puppy in the Disney film The Fox and the Hound – was adopted by the British Wildlife Centre.

Samantha Johnson, a worker at the centre, in Newchapel, Surrey, then took him to her home in nearby Lingfield.

She said her dog Molly “just took to Tod and is now his surrogate mother”.

“He follows her everywhere,” Ms Johnson added.

“He’s very mischievous, he’s always chewing things and pouncing on people and biting your toes when you’re just sitting watching TV. He’s a right little monkey.”

Ms Johnson will hand-rear Tod at her home for a few more months before he returns to the wildlife centre to grow up with the other foxes there.

His mother died after becoming caught up in a fence in Brixton, south London, and he was found sheltering beside her by a gamekeeper.

Tod’s experience has extended his life expectancy dramatically though, according to the wildlife centre, because as an urban fox he would probably not have survived beyond 18 months.



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