3D Desktop for XP – Low resource usage

Interact with any version of Windows (98/Me/2000/XP) in a 3d desktop, without loading up the system resources. In my quest for a more interactive 3D desktop on Windows XP, I came up with lots of programs. Some of them were nice, but they were occupying to many system resources (512mb of ram or so). Bottom line, they were useless.

I managed to find a program that makes 3d desktop possible under Windows 2000/XP. It’s called Madotate. The only problem is that it was written by a Japanese in it’s native language. After some diggings, i managed to find it with an English interface at http://davc73.free.fr/madotate/Madotate_2.02.02.zip .
The program took at peak usage about 5 megs of RAM so it’s perfect. And it helps organizing windows a lot. This is a screenshot from my PC using the 3D Desktop:


To install it, just create a folder on your harddrive, unzip all files and run it. It also includes a plugin that adds a button on every window to make it 3d/2d.

3D Desktop applications




2 Responses to “3D Desktop for XP – Low resource usage”

  1. Anzh Says:

    man thanx alot, this thing is cool

  2. badfish1230 Says:

    That so cool. Thanks a lot

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