Egg shells as mini plant pots

Eggs as mini plant pots

I found this here:
And the page I found that on was here:


Ok, here’s the plan…

I’ve figured out a few things since my first (?) post – if I want to have my other blogs in here and in order I’m going to have to put another step in there as wordpress doesn’t have a backdate feature like *shudder* livejournal.

So… you guessed it, I’m going to have to put my blog entries into Livejournal and then export them into here.

And I was really hoping to be done with the LJ thing…

Now… to find my LJ password.

Firefox Recommendations

Firefox eating Internet ExplorerOk, I need to say this outright – I’m a huge Firefox fan.

Firefox is an alternative to Internet Explorer that is light-years ahead of it – it’s smaller, faster, easier to use, safer and much more customizable. It can copy over your settings from Internet Explorer (cookies, favourites, etc) and blocks pop-ups and spyware. It’s also completely free and you can go into it’s code (if you want) and change it to suit your needs.

I’m a geek, yes, but I know of grandmothers that use Firefox. Read the rest of this entry »

I forgot how annoying Windows is!

Ok, now most of the time I’m in Linux, so I tend to forget what a POS Windows is… But I’ve kept my copy of XP on this computer purely for gaming reasons. That’s right – XP is a gaming console for me.

Anyways, I was on here playing Black and White and all of a sudden it was freezing and lagging horribly. Now, I’m used to the 3 second hiccough (that’s hiccup to you Americans – I’m Canadian and therefore use more of the proper English, but I digress) that the game has when it checks for the CD but this was minutes long.

Maybe it’s because I’m spoiled and I’m used to everything right f-ing now and with only minimal hassle (especially on the computer – my domain) but this was the last straw!

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The beginning of a new journal?

Ok… I’ve got the internet part of this done, and now I need to get a few other things set up:

  1. WordPress on my Ubuntu (Linux) computer.
  2. Explore to see if “submitted” dates can be altered so I can put my archives on here.
  3. Back up all of my other blogs (360, livejournal, site)
  4. See if I can slap them in here