Flavoured stevia + plain yogurt = beyond yum!

As a follow-up to my post about making yogurt, I’d like to mention that there’s a natural sweetener you probably know nothing about. It’s called “Stevia” and it’s from the leaves of a plant.

Stevia contains absolutely no sugar but is 200 – 400 times sweeter than sugar. It’s not a chemical concoction that burns holes in your brain like aspartame. Stevia’s been used for years… centuries probably by the locals.

So… why haven’t you heard about it? The gov’t is holding it back from the general public as a sweetener. Why is up for debate – they say they don’t know for sure that it’s safe. On the other hand it hasn’t been massively tested because it’s not highly profitable. As a plant extract it’s unpatentable. Unpatentable means no monopoly on it’s production.

But you can get your hands on it if you look in the “herbal suppliments” section of stores. Where I live there are even flavoured varieties – vanilla creme, raspberry, orange, etc. Most people put it in their coffee, but as it’s heat stable you can cook with it too!

You can’t say that about aspartame.

And don’t get me started on Splenda – it gives me gas that’s more painful than labour.


3 Responses to “Flavoured stevia + plain yogurt = beyond yum!”

  1. marc Says:

    splenda is also poisonous!! Go check out Sean Croxtons videos on underground wellness channel youtube!

    Different people react differently to different things. There’s a girl here in B.C. that’s allergic to sunshine, and another girl I’ve heard of is allergic to water. To them sunshine or water are toxic to their bodies.

    Splenda is basically chlorinated sugar, and while most people purportedly can’t digest it, a few people like myself can. The end result is massive creation of gas in the gut that’s painful.

    I believe that messing with nature only sets us up for a smack from Mother Nature, it took her millennia to get things the way they are. Don’t mess with what you don’t understand, etc.

    Purely my stance on things, feel free to disagree.

  2. Ashley Says:

    This is what I do, buy plain yogurt, add frozen berries in the morning, by the afternoon they thaw and release some juices, add a little stevia, stir around and then you have amazing berry yogurt thats sweet and has all the bacteria still present.

    Why buy plain yogurt? You can easily make it yourself, and assuming you have enough milk to keep the colony going, you can have one bought cup of yogurt create gallons of milk into yogurt.

    It’s just a thought.

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