Yahoo: Show thumbnails please


Yahoo Mail has some settings that say to hide the text of e-mails until Javascript knows to let them show. But sometimes something doesn’t work quite like they expect.

This is not Firefox’s fault, nor any of the add-on designers. This is Yahoo’s problem because they know about it.

There are always workarounds, of course.

Case in point: “Invisible Messages” – with a handy add-on called Stylish and a “User Style” I can flip the switch so the messages show.

Ok, now onto today’s saga

I sent a couple pictures to a friend and wanted to take a look at one of them after I sent it. Since clicking on the “Sent” link is easier than the few clicks it takes to find it in my computer, I did just that.

I opened up the sent file and… no thumbnails? Not just files, but the actual LINKS to the FILES were gone. Did it mess up? Ohhhh yeah, it did.

So I saved a copy of the page and did a little digging. Yes, the thumbnail is in the folder, so it is technically on the page, just hidden. Ok, I can work with that.I went into the saved page and removed all of the Javascript code. I noticed two things after I opened the altered page:

  1. The page is a lot faster
  2. The thumbnails and links show

Ok, so it’s controlled by the Javascript. The Javascript controls quite a few things, including the CSS hide/show issue mentioned previously.

My next step? Poking around to see if I can create a CSS style that will make the images and links show.

[Edit 1]

I found the solution and problem in the same place… one of my userstyles was messing it up. Yep, it was me, not Yahoo. Sorry Yahoo.

How did I figure this out? I was looking at the styles I have for Yahoo and figured I’d put them all into one style. I’m not exactly sure why, but I turned them all off and reloaded the page I was trying to fix.

Pop! There were the thumbnails… and the text as well. Looks like Yahoo’s fixed the disappearing messages issue as well. Good for them!

So… I’d be kinda abashed about this whole thing, but I did learn something so the exercise isn’t a waste.

[Edit 2]

I’m not sure why the saved copy’s thumbnails didn’t show at first – the styles I have would not have been acting on the page at all. Weird.


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