Room cleaning – shovel not included

Ok, I figured I might as well put this out there…

While I was a teen my room was beyond a mess – you couldn’t see the floor except in pathways. Very messy indeed.

Every few months I attempted a purge of various areas by doing the following:

  1. Grab a handful of grocery bags
  2. Clear a place to sit (this usually meant shoving stuff aside with my foot)
  3. Put the garbage in the bags
  4. Toss the stuff I wanted to keep in the general direction of it’s intended home
  5. Toss grocery/garbage bags into hallway for later
  6. Toss laundry OVER garbage bags (farther into the hallway)
  7. Cleared everything within reach? Shuffle forward a bit and repeat

Now everyone over the age of 20 can see the flaws in my plan – mainly I didn’t get rid of the extra cra… uhh stuff that I didn’t need. I also, as my mom put it, used the floor as storage space for everything.

What I’d do different:

  1. Make the carpet pretty enough to be seen – Ikea’s carpets are good choices
  2. Storage! Under bed, shelves, etc
  3. Get rid of stuff – Freecycle, friends, put it out on the curb

#3 was the hardest for me – I’m naturally a packrat.


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