Firefox Recommendations

Firefox eating Internet ExplorerOk, I need to say this outright – I’m a huge Firefox fan.

Firefox is an alternative to Internet Explorer that is light-years ahead of it – it’s smaller, faster, easier to use, safer and much more customizable. It can copy over your settings from Internet Explorer (cookies, favourites, etc) and blocks pop-ups and spyware. It’s also completely free and you can go into it’s code (if you want) and change it to suit your needs.

I’m a geek, yes, but I know of grandmothers that use Firefox.

Installing add-ons (this is the customizability coming into play here) is as easy as finding it’s page on the Firefox add-ons site, clicking on three buttons – the last is “Restart Firefox” and Firefox will restart right back to the sites you were looking at.

How easy is that?

Firefox can be found here –
The add-ons can be found here –

My favourites for people new to Firefox are:

  • Adblock Plus – Blocks ads (Imagine that)
  • Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper – Blocks parts of pages. I use it to block the text ads in Yahoo! Mail and the ads that have containers that didn’t collapse.
  • CookieSafe – Blocks cookies until you say it’s ok. Increases privacy immensely.
  • NoScript – Blocks Javascripts until you say it’s ok. Increases both privacy and security.
  • Download Statusbar – This moves your current downloads from a pop-up to a bar just above the status bar. Less distractions.
  • StumbleUpon – Channel surfing the internet.This is one of the most addictive things I’ve ever used.

I’ll continue this in a bit… someone needs to use the computer.


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