The media doesn’t always get things right

This hoopla about Muslims and that stupid drawing has everyone in a tizzy.

I can understand it… sorta.

Some people are afraid of Muslims cause they think they’re the same as the “9-11 terrorists” and Muslims are pissed off cause they’re already considered the same as the “9-11 terrorists”.

Mmmm no. They’re not.

How would I know? I’ve lived around people of many different faiths, and I dated a guy who happened to be a Muslim. Went to class with a couple people who were Muslim.

Oppinionated in some ways, yes. But not how people think of them stereotypically.

What happened with the guy? Flirted and whatnot for a few weeks, but he couldn’t decide if he liked me or not. I got tired of that in highschool… forget about putting up with it after.


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