Tribute – Angel


Age: 24
Gender: Female
Location: B.C., Canada

I met Angel a few years ago. A mutual friend was dropping her off while picking me up, and she decided she could spare the time to hang out with us. She gave me her number as she was being dropped off for the second time.

I’d like to say I called her, but I didn’t. I chickened out. Luckily she’s stubborn and pushed to have me in her life.

Angel… How do you describe someone in mere words? This has always been an issue for me, but I’ll try.

First time I went over to her house the sun was streaming through her window and just hit her in a way that rendered me speechless. She’s gorgeous. She looked like a mischievious wood nymph, and I’ve been thinking about drawing her as I saw her, but I know I wouldn’t do it justice, so I’ve been putting it off. Yep, chickenshit me. Brown eyes with touches of grey, green and gold. Hair the colour of concentrated sunshine (really warm blonde). So much of a free spirit even extra weight can’t hold onto her.

I’ve never met anyone who moves (as in change residence) as much as Angel does. I’ve literally lost count of the times she’s moved. When she told me I just couldn’t move to Australia and leave her, I laughed. Irony always makes me laugh. Angel usually makes me chuckle… she was miffed when I said I found her amusing… I mean in the “muse” way.

Angel’s artistic… and picky artistically. I’ve spent hours entertained by watching her running around her place and rearranging things because they’re not just so. Yes, it fully entertained me, btw Ange, I love watching people. And I doubt you could be boring ever. One day I’ll go over there with my craft projects and show her what I like to do, but even after all these years I’m still a bit… shy about showing my art stuff.

Angel’s also a self-confessed homebody, she loves keeping a house and all that involves. *smiles softly* Which her Man most likely adores… I know she loves him. *pouts* I want one too (inside joke, don’t worry about it).

For the first time in a while she’s living close to me again, so I can now pop over when she beckons in PM. Angel and Erin have similar eyes… it’s kinda odd. They adore each other, so once I get some stuff sorted out, I’m going to be haunting her a bit more. I think… she might move in the meantime.


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